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Potato growers in Northwestern Europe call for a price hike

Los productores de patatas del noroeste de Europa piden una subida de precios
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Nov 29, 2021
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Looking ahead to next year, and given the rise in production costs, the producers of potatoes in Northwest Europe (grouped in the NEPG association) consider that the prices of the contracts for this product should be revised upwards. According to the organization in a statement, the prices of the contracts for 2022-23 should increase “at least between 30 and 40 euros / ton; otherwise, we would expect a decrease in the area dedicated to this crop, especially when the prices of cereals and rape have risen and makes them more interesting for farmers ”. This year prices have fallen between 5 and 20 euros / ton compared to the previous year depending on the type of potato and the country of production. The association stresses that the rise in fuel or electricity is already having an impact and has added to a "huge pressure from mildew", which has greatly increased spending on phytosanitary products. The increase in cost of fertilizers, of "more than 50% in the case of potash and ...
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