Poultry prices today 4/15/2024 in Egypt

Duck Meat
Published Apr 15, 2024

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The article provides an insightful overview of Egypt's poultry market, detailing the current prices of various poultry types including white poultry, ducks, Sasso poultry, chicks, and turkeys, alongside the market dynamics such as local consumption rates, annual egg production, and the sector's significant investment, employing over 2.5 million workers in 50 to 60 thousand establishments. It highlights the Ministry of Agriculture's initiatives to boost poultry exports, particularly targeting Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and outlines a government strategy aimed at enhancing the sector through the development of integrated projects in desert areas. The article also notes the challenges of limited local turkey production, with Egypt relying on imports to satisfy domestic demand.
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It continued to range between 80 and 81 pounds per kilo on the farm, according to the head of the Poultry Wealth Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Abdel Aziz Al-Sayyid, and the volume of local consumption of white poultry is recorded at 150 thousand tons per month, and a kilo of hips reached 95 pounds. The volume of investments in poultry farms operating in the Egyptian market amounts to approximately 90 billion pounds, and more than 2.5 million workers work in the sector. The number of breeders working in the sector ranges between 50 and 60 thousand establishments, including 20 large companies, according to data from the Poultry Producers Union. White poultry prices Prices of white poultry ranged from 88 to 90 pounds per kilo per consumer, depending on the region, and egg production recorded 13 billion eggs annually, according to Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed, head of the Poultry Wealth Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce. Duck prices today Today, duck prices stabilized at ...
Source: Almalnews
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