Iranian preparation of 20,000 tons of fruits on Eid night/Ramadan dates are sold 15% below the market price

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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The Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) has announced that 20,000 tons of fruit are ready for distribution on Eid night, with an additional 20,000 tons in reserve if needed. The President and the Minister of Jihad Keshavarzi have stressed the need for price stability during Eid and Ramadan. The rural cooperative organization has also prepared 900 tons of dates for Ramadan, with 500 tons in reserve. The fruit market for Eid night and Ramadan dates will be arranged at reasonable prices, with dates supplied at least 15% below the market price.
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According to ISNA, Ayub Fasahat, who was present at the ISNA booth at the 24th Iran Media Exhibition, stated that this year about 20,000 tons of fruit were ready for distribution on Eid night and were sent to the provinces and stored in warehouses, he said: more than 20 We also have a thousand tons of strategic and national reserves that, if necessary, we can send these reserves for definitive market regulation. He added: This year, the President and the Minister of Jihad Keshavarzi put special emphasis on stabilizing the prices of goods for Eid and the holy month of Ramadan. A headquarters has been established in the Ministry of Jihad to monitor these issues. The rural cooperative organization is one of the members of that headquarters, which has made its efforts in arranging the fruits of the Eid night and the dates of the month of Ramadan. The head of the rural cooperative organization further said: We provided about 900 tons of dates for Ramadan. About 500 tons of date ...
Source: Isna
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