Turkiye: The state should also keep feed prices constant - President of Aksaray Breeding Cattle Breeders' Association

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Published Nov 28, 2023

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Bekir Kayan, President of Aksaray Breeding Cattle Breeders' Association, is calling for stability in feed prices, as it is affecting the profits of breeders. He also emphasizes the importance of correctly administering vaccines to benefit from government supports, such as increased calf support and stud book service fees. Additionally, Kayan highlights the difficulty of finding local workers in the livestock industry and suggests the need for new practices to attract workers and improve production.
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KEMAL ONUR ATALAY Bekir Kayan, President of Aksaray Breeding Cattle Breeders' Association, said, "Just as our state tries to keep milk and meat stable, it should also keep feed companies stable. Our inputs are certain, a sack of feed is 400-450 liras. Corn is almost 6 thousand TL. I think these are making unfair profits. The producers here are also "We need to think," he said. Bekir Kayan, President of Aksaray Breeding Cattle Breeders Association (DSYB), made a statement about the problems of the producers and the support provided. Kayan said: "IN ORDER TO BENEFIT FROM THE SUPPORTS, VACCINES MUST BE ADMINISTERED CORRECTLY" "Calf support is expected to increase from 750 lira to 1,700 lira in 2023, and a figure such as 400 lira as the stud book service fee. It will also be increased up to 2,100 lira. Our producers will benefit from this, of course, vaccinations must be done correctly to benefit from this. Between two births They should not exceed 600 days. For the first birth, it ...
Source: Sondakika
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