Prevent plant looking more likely for northern Wisconsin farmer

Published Jun 19, 2024

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Ben Augustine, a dairy and crop farmer in northern Wisconsin, is facing significant challenges this year due to excessive rain and muddy conditions, which have left him with 1,100 unplanted acres out of his 1,900 total. Despite planting 800 acres, the ongoing wet weather and forecasted rain make it unlikely he will plant the remaining fields. Fortunately, Augustine has enough feed for his 1,000 cows, including corn silage and grain corn, with some carry-over from last year. The wet conditions have also stressed the planted corn and damaged the alfalfa fields, while local water bodies are experiencing unusually high water levels.
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A dairy and crop farmer in northern Wisconsin says he will likely have a lot of prevent plant acres this year. Ben Augustine says, “There’s a number of fields in my area that just ain’t planted yet.” Augustine grows corn and soybeans in heavy clay ground, and milks about 1,000 cows near Sheldon. He says it’s muddy now, and the forecast calls for up to nine more inches of rain in the next week. “There’s a little over 800 acres planted and I’ve got 11-hundred acres sitting. It’s not looking like I’m going to do them. It’s just too wet, too much rain in the forecast. By the time it drys out, it’s going to get too late.” Augustine is feeling fortunate because he there should be enough feed for the herd outside of buying some soy protein. “I got my corn silage in, so that’s all good. I think I’ve got enough acres of grain corn planted and we’ll have some carry-over corn from last year, enough to feed the cows.” Augustine ...
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