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Цены на все ягоды и косточковые фрукты в Украине по состоянию на утро 17 июня 2020 г.

Цены на все ягоды и косточковые фрукты в Украине по состоянию на утро 17 июня 2020 г.
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Jun 17, 2020
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The berry season in Ukraine is in full swing, so EastFruit analysts are closely monitoring the situation in the wholesale market for fresh berries. As of Wednesday morning, June 17, 2020, Ukraine again increased prices for strawberries (strawberries) - the most popular berry on the market at the moment. The worsening weather in the central regions also worsened the quality indicators of strawberries and reduced supply, which also affected prices. For low quality berries in the central regions they are now asking from 45 UAH / kg ($ 1.7 US dollars per kg) for shipment from the field, and small-scale wholesale selling strawberries at prices ranging from 60 to 80 UAH / kg ($ 2.2-3, 0). In the southern regions, strawberries cost from 60 to 90 UAH / kg ($ 3.0-3.4). In the western regions, strawberries are currently being bought at farms at 50-70 UAH / kg ($ 1.9-2.6), and in wholesale markets it costs an average of 5-10 UAH / kg more expensive. Over the past two days, raspberries and ...
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