Ukraine: Prices for some products collapsed in a week

Published Jun 18, 2024

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Last week in Ukraine, there were significant fluctuations in product prices. Carrot prices doubled due to a shortage, early potatoes saw a notable increase, and cucumber prices rose slightly. Conversely, early cabbage and old onions became cheaper, and greens prices are slowly decreasing but remain high. Among fruits and berries, strawberry prices increased, while cherry and blueberry prices fell, and raspberry prices collapsed. In May, vegetable prices rose due to new crop costs, but milk and egg prices decreased, with eggs showing the largest drop.
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Prices for products in Ukraine changed in different directions last week. The biggest surprise was the price of raspberries. EastFruit analysts noted that carrot prices have doubled - from 16-23 hryvnias to 30-35 hryvnias per kilogram. The reason for such a jump was the shortage of high-quality carrots. The price of early potatoes also increased significantly - from 10-25 hryvnias to 25-30. Prices for cucumbers slightly scared Ukrainians - from 25-45 hryvnias they rose to 42-50 hryvnias. At the same time, prices for early cabbage continue to decrease - from 9 hryvnias to 8 hryvnias per kilogram. Old onions also became cheaper - from 23-26 to 20-24 hryvnias. This collapse in prices was caused by the fact that farmers actively began to harvest onions from the new crop. Although the price of greens is decreasing little by little, it is still traded in the range of 100-150 hryvnias. As for fruits and berries, prices for strawberries have increased significantly. Producers sell the ...
Source: Unian
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