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Prices of fish and eggs soar and Brazilians seek alternatives for Lent

Updated Mar 9, 2023
During Lent – the post-Carnival period leading up to Easter, many Brazilians have the habit of consuming fish, cod and eggs during the period and especially at lunches on Good Friday and Easter. But fish and egg prices are much higher in Lent, a period that traditionally also increases demand. According to Cepea researchers, this is mainly due to the high prices of basic feed ingredients – for chickens and fish – such as soy bran and corn. According to the Center for Applied Economics Studies (Cepea/USP), the strong increases accumulated in the first three weeks of February significantly raised the average monthly prices of eggs, which reached records. The cost of production has grown significantly over the last few years, especially the cost of corn and soybean meal, which are the main components of animal feed. But what used to be an alternative will now complicate the lives of Brazilians even more. It's just that the egg is more expensive too. “The scenario is an opportunity to ...
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