Prime Minister: Tightly control border gates, trails, openings, and prevent smuggled animals in Vietnam

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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The Prime Minister of Vietnam has issued directives to curb smuggling and illegal transportation of animals and animal products into the country, in an effort to control animal diseases and maintain the growth of the livestock industry. Despite these measures, illegal import of animals continues to pose a risk of disease infection and food insecurity. The Prime Minister has called for increased border inspections, stricter law enforcement, and enhanced quarantine work. The article also highlights the need for early detection and handling of outbreaks, particularly African Swine Fever, and the construction of disease-free areas for exports. It urges relevant ministries to coordinate efforts to prevent smuggling, control diseases, reduce livestock production costs, and promote domestic consumption of animal products.
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The directive states: Recently, the Prime Minister has issued many documents directing the prevention of smuggling and illegal transportation of poultry, pigs and animal products from abroad into Vietnam; At the same time, strengthen measures to prevent and combat animal diseases. Up to now, the smuggled import situation has had many positive changes; Animal diseases in general and African swine fever in particular are basically controlled, making an important contribution to maintaining the growth rate of the livestock industry, ensuring food supply for domestic consumption and promoting strong export. However, the illegal import of animals (poultry, pigs and buffaloes and cows) is still complicated in some localities, causing the risk of disease infection and food insecurity. In addition, animal diseases, especially African Swine Fever, continue to occur in some localities, greatly affecting livestock development, increasing costs, production costs, and economic losses. economic ...
Source: Danviet
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