Prime soybeans continue to gain ground in Argentina

Updated Sep 26, 2023
According to the latest price updates as of September 18, in our own fields, premium soybeans are 46 u$s/ha ahead of corn with a net profit of 467 u$s/ha (against 421 u$s/ha). ha). On rented land, both crops have negative net margins (for the proposed layout). However, in the oilseed the losses are smaller, with -167 US$/ha (vs -229 US$/ha).
Late corn loses at the margins Late corn margins are very tight and prime soybeans, its main replacement, are at a clear advantage. In own fields, cereal yields 186 u$s/ha vs 467 u$s/ha for 1st grade soybeans. In rented fields, both crops give losses when yields of 40 qq/ha for oilseeds and 85 qq/ha for corn are considered. However, with soybeans the losses are much lower: -167 US$/ha vs -506 US$ for late corn. These tight late cereal margins are due to several factors; among them, the lower yield potential compared to the early one and the lower price at harvest. If the lack of water forces corn planting to be postponed until December, the numbers indicate that premium soybeans are a clear competitor and a very good option. In any case, switching from corn to soybeans depends on the feasibility of the pre-emergent herbicides used in the preparation of the plots. But, since the drought is a limiting problem for sowing, the producer has been trying to keep his fallow fields open to ...
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