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Producers of fruit and vegetables value the decision not to call a new transport strike in Spain

Productores de frutas y hortalizas valoran la decisión de no convocar un nuevo paro del transporte
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Regulation / Agreement
Jun 27, 2022
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The National Platform for the Defense of Transport agreed yesterday not to call a new transport strike, after the vote in the provincial assemblies, and to enter into the negotiation of the Chain Law for the transport of goods by road, based on the same principles as the Law of the food chain, according to FEPEX.
For the fruit and vegetable export-producing sector grouped in FEPEX, the decision not to call the strike, announced days ago, is positively valued, since "it would seriously harm this sector, due to the extremely perishable nature of these products, because the truck is the main means of transport and July is one of the months of greatest exportation and consumption of fruit and vegetables". A total of 250,000 tons of fruit and vegetables destined for foreign markets and 200,000 tons destined for the national market are transported every week of the month of July, according to FEPEX. The most affected products would have been summer fruits and especially peaches, nectarine, apricots, plums and cherries due to their extremely ...
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