Prospects for Vietnam - Belgium aquaculture cooperation

Updated Sep 27, 2023
Although Belgium does not have a large-scale aquaculture industry, it does possess many of the world's leading scientific research applications on aquaculture. Meanwhile, Vietnam has a large-scale and growing aquaculture industry.
Source: According to the latest research by Belgian scientists to help improve aquaculture productivity, by developing analytical tools with high resolution and throughput, scientists will determine the morphology of the digestive tract. metabolism of some aquatic species. Professor Wim Van Broeck - Gent University, Belgium said: "We collect data to monitor the health status of saltwater shrimp. Thanks to that, the health status of shrimp can be controlled and improved. This is very useful for the aquaculture industry in Vietnam." Professor Dirk Inzé - Center for Plant Systems Biology, University of Gent (VIB) commented: "The aquaculture industry in Belgium is not as developed as Vietnam, so the cooperation between Belgium and Vietnam helps the Scientific research is applied in practice". Opportunities for cooperation between scientific research centers in the field of aquaculture in particular and agriculture in general between Belgium and Vietnam are very open. According ...
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