Polish minister names the person responsible for blocking the border

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Published Feb 27, 2024

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Poland's Agriculture Minister, Czeslaw Sekerski, has criticized the European Commission for the unregulated influx of agricultural products from Ukraine and the impact of the Green Deal, which has sparked widespread protests among European farmers. Sekerski is calling for a new approach to EU-Ukraine cooperation and a halt to extensive trade liberalization. He also intends to push for restrictions on the Green Deal's provisions and a delay in the implementation of some of its aspects.
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In a new wave of protests, European farmers are opposing the Green Deal policy and the uncontrolled inflow of agricultural products from Ukraine. Poland’s Minister of Agriculture is the most frequent critic of the European Commission and calls for a revision of trade agreements with Ukraine. It is the European Commission that is responsible for the uncontrolled inflow of agricultural products from Ukraine to European markets and the underestimation of the consequences of the Green Deal, which has caused massive protests by farmers across Europe. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture of Poland Czeslaw Sekerski. Sekerski is convinced that the European Union needs a new approach to cooperation with Ukraine, in particular, it is necessary to stop the broad trade liberalization. The Polish minister explained that the provisions of the “green course” are not perceived among farmers, because they want to be guided by the agricultural order, not by the order of officials ...
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