Providing more detailed Korean beef cow meridian values

Frozen Bone-In Beef
South Korea
Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 16, 2024

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The National Korean Beef Association has advocated for the Korea Livestock Industry Association to enhance the specificity of Korean beef pricing information on its Livestock Product Distribution Information website. The proposed enhancement includes detailing the age of cows and distinguishing heifers, to accurately reflect their market value. This request underscores the importance of age and heifer status in determining the price of beef, which is currently categorized only by breed, gender, and distribution channel. By providing more granular data, breeding farms could gain better negotiating leverage with distributors, enabling more informed sales strategies.
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Original content

An argument was raised that when the Livestock Product Quality Evaluation Institute provides Korean beef price information, it should indicate cow age and heifers (cows that have no experience producing calves) separately. It is believed that providing proper information that affects the trading price of cows will help increase the value received by breeding farms. The National Korean Beef Association recently conveyed its opinion requesting that when the Korea Livestock Industry Association discloses Korean beef meat prices on the Livestock Product Distribution Information website, the age of cows and heifers should be indicated separately. This is through Min Gyeong-cheon, president of the Korean Beef Association, who attended the ‘Advisory Meeting Inviting Heads of Livestock Production Sectors’ organized by the Korea Livestock Research and Development Institute earlier this month. Currently, the Korea Livestock Research Institute provides price information by distribution ...
Source: Nongmin
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