Bulgaria: Quality native honey is mixed with large quantities of imported

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Published Apr 13, 2024

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The European Parliament has recently passed an interim political agreement to update the rules on the naming, labeling, and presentation of breakfast foods, with a particular focus on honey. This move, aimed at combating the issue of adulterated honey imports from countries like Ukraine, China, Turkey, and South American nations, requires honey products to clearly label the country of origin. This decision was influenced by the concerns of beekeepers over the quality and transparency of honey sold within the EU, highlighting issues such as contamination with pesticides and the mixing of foreign honey with local varieties. Mihail Mihailov from the United Bulgarian Beekeeping Union emphasized the need for labels to also show the percentage of foreign honey in products. The article underscores the broader challenges of honey adulteration and the necessity for stronger regulatory enforcement to ensure the integrity and safety of honey in the EU market.
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European Parliament approves interim political agreement with Council on updated rules on the name, labeling and presentation of certain breakfast foods The new rules will combat the import of adulterated honey from countries outside the EU through mandatory and clearly visible labeling of the country of origin. "Huge amounts of fake honey are distributed in the EU. Thanks to the pressure of the beekeepers, this decision was reached. For years, we wanted to indicate the role of imported honey. In our country, it comes from countries outside the EU - mainly from Ukraine, China, Turkey and countries from South America. The import is not small," commented Mihail Mihailov from the United Bulgarian Beekeeping Union for Bulgaria ON AIR. It became clear from his words that the EU countries should approve this proposal and it should be introduced. Labels will have to indicate the country of origin. "We want something more - to indicate the quantities of foreign honey. To know the ratio. ...
Source: Dnes
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