Quinoa shipments from Peru increased their reach from 37 to 39 destinations in April of this year

Published May 28, 2024

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In April 2024, Peruvian quinoa exports saw a significant growth, with a value of US$ 10.2 million for 4,061 tons, marking a 44.3% increase in value and a 17.4% increase in volume from the previous year. The average price per kilogram of Peruvian quinoa also rose by 22.9% to US$ 2.5. The United States was the leading importer, followed by Canada, Chile, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. The main exporters were Olam Global Agri Perú S.A.C., Globenatural Superfoods S.A.C., Alisur S.A.C., Interloom S.A.C., and Quinoa Foods Company S.R.L.
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( Peruvian quinoa exports reached a value of US$ 10.2 million for 4,061 tons in April 2024, marking an increase of 44.3% in value and 17.4% in volume, compared to the same period of the previous year, when shipments for US$ 7.1 million and 3,459 tons were recorded In April of this year, the average per kilogram of quinoa from Peru experienced an increase of 22.9%, reaching US$ 2.5. Quinoa shipments from Peru increased their reach from 37 to 39 destinations. The United States led the list of destinations, with exports valued at US$5.6 million, which represented 53.8% of the total, and a volume of 2,060 tons at an average price of US$2.7 per kilogram. Canada was positioned as the second largest importer, with US$850,000 in exports and 353 tons shipped at an average price of US$2.4 per kilogram. Chile (178 tons for US$410,000), the United Kingdom (113 tons for US$265,000) ...
Source: Agraria
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