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France: Rapeseed increases in weekly terms on Matif

Wzrostowy tydzień notowań rzepaku na Matif
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Sep 26, 2022
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In the past week, increases in oil prices prevailed on the world stock exchanges. The price of rapeseed on the Paris stock exchange has returned above 600 EUR / t. However, the strong (by a few percent) drops in oil prices on Friday to the lowest levels since January this year. (Brent to USD 86 / barrel and WTI to less than USD 77 / barrel) translated into a decline in rapeseed prices on Monday again below EUR 600 / t.
Rapeseed in a contract for delivery in November on the Paris stock exchange on Friday fell by 0.2 percent. and amounted to EUR 606.75 / t (2,888) PLN / t) and were by 1.3 percent. lower than at this time a year ago. Over the past week, the price of rape has increased by 5.1 percent. Canadian canola quotes fell 0.1% on Friday. and amounted to 818.70 CAD / t, and over the last year fell by 6.6 percent. In weekly terms, the canola price has increased by 3.3 percent. American soybeans fell 2.1 percent on Friday. and cost 523.86 USD / t. In terms of y / y, the price of soybeans increased by 11.0%, while in the last week of trading, the price decreased by 1.6%. Matif rapeseed, November contract - price increased by 0.17% (EUR 606.75 / t - PLN 2,888 / t). Quotations of November rapeseed futures in PLN are presented in the chart below: In the continuation chart below for the rapeseed contracts traded on the Matif, a long-term uptrend is dominant, the medium term is an uptrend and a ...
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