Rapeseed has become the most profitable agricultural crop in the Russian Federation

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Published Nov 28, 2023

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Rapeseed is the most profitable agricultural crop in Russia, with a current profitability of 43.9%. Soybeans and sunflowers follow, both with a profitability of 29%. The rise in global food prices is expected to increase margins, and rapeseed, soybeans, and sunflowers are projected to remain the most profitable crops in the future.
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The current profitability of its production is estimated at 43.9% The Ruseed analytical center calculated the profitability of growing agricultural crops in Russia based on current data and market conditions. The leader in terms of average production profitability of 38% for January - November was rapeseed, while the current profitability of its production is about 43.9%, taking into account the producer price of 32.5 thousand rubles / ton and the cost price of 22.6 thousand RUR/t, analysts calculated. Second place in terms of average production profitability for 11 months of this year is shared by soybeans and sunflowers with 29%. At the same time, the current profitability of soybean cultivation is higher - 29.8%, while for sunflower it is estimated at 12%. The average producer price for soybeans, according to Ruseed, is 34.7 thousand rubles/t, cost price is 26.7 thousand rubles/t; for sunflower - 22.9 thousand rubles/t and 20.4 thousand rubles/t, respectively. Analysts ...
Source: Specagro
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