Iran: Reasonable prices in the fruit and summer market; we have no problem supplying fruits on Yalda night

Market & Price Trends
Published Nov 1, 2023

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According to Asadollah Kargar, the head of the fruit and vegetable sellers' union in Tehran province, there is a sufficient supply of fruits and vegetables in the market despite a decrease in demand. He explained that people now prefer to buy smaller amounts of fruit multiple times in order to have fresher produce and avoid wastage. Kargar also mentioned that there are enough seasonal fruits available in the market and that the supply for Yalda night fruits, such as pomegranates and watermelons, is now sourced directly from different regions rather than using pre-made depots.
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The head of the fruit and vegetable sellers' union of Tehran province added: People's fruit buying habits have changed, that is, they prefer to buy small amounts of fruit several times instead of buying a large amount at once in order to buy fresher fruit and avoid extravagance. do not take Determining the situation of the fruit and summer market in the autumn season as suitable, he said: We did not have pest infestation this year, so there are enough fruits of the season in the market. In response to the question of whether measures have been taken to supply Yalda night fruits, i.e. pomegranates and watermelons? He said: In previous years, for the supply of ...
Source: Isna
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