Recommendations to protect fruit from forest fires in Chile

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Published Feb 7, 2024

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Chile's National Federation of Fruit Producers, Fedefruta, has provided guidelines to farmers to safeguard fruit crops from the harmful effects of smoke and ash due to forest fires. The recommendations include using protective meshes or covers, increasing irrigation, gently cleaning plants with water, applying soil management techniques to minimize ash resuspension, and conducting air and soil quality tests. Farmers are also advised to seek expert advice for personalized strategies and to develop emergency plans, including evacuation procedures for farm workers.
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The National Federation of Fruit Producers, Fedefruta, delivered recommendations to farmers through a statement, due to the serious fires that have affected the central area of Chile. Related news: Chile: Fruit industry remains safe from forest fires They indicated that to protect fruit during harvests from the negative effects of smoke and ash from forest fires, several preventive and corrective measures must be taken. Regarding the use of Coverage, they indicate that meshes or special covers can be used to protect crops from direct contact with smoke and ash. The measure can minimize the absorption of volatile compounds that affect the quality of the fruit. Regarding irrigation, Fedefruta recommends increasing the frequency of irrigation (without exceeding the plant's water needs) to help wash away the ashes deposited in the plants and the soil, and maintain good environmental humidity that can dilute the compounds in the smoke. Another recommendation is Plant Cleaning, because ...
Source: MXfruit
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