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Renewal and strengthening: The recovery of the yerba mate sector in Brazil

Renovação e fortalecimento: a retomada do setor da erva-mate
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Sep 2, 2022
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“I replanted everything.” The statement by Walter José Andreoli, 64, refers to the resumption of confidence in yerba mate, a crop he has been working with for over 30 years, but which a few years ago was not the best and made him extract around 10,000 feet on four acres.
The Vila Palanque farmer's movement was not solitary and other producers also chose to reduce planting about four years ago. However, the improvement in infrastructure, technical knowledge and changes in planting caused some 'regrets' and what has been seen are producers replanting and betting again on the growth of the sector. “If we thought about today, we wouldn't have started, but at the time it was bad. There was not so much incentive, the deal was different, the price was low. Fortunately, things got better again and we replanted everything just right,” said Andreoli, who currently maintains eight hectares of yerba mate in the red clay region, along with his wife Rosane, 63 years old. Looking only at the planted area, according to data from Emater, it has changed little since 2018 – it is around 1,350 hectares. But it is in relation to productivity that some numbers are more positive. Not only in terms of annual production (from 6,000 tonnes to 6,300 tonnes), but also in ...
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