Results of the EU Agriculture Council of Ministers

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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The European Union's Agriculture Ministers have agreed on measures to alleviate the ongoing crisis in the farming sector. The measures aim to lessen administrative burdens on farmers, enhance their position in the food supply chain, and promote environmental sustainability. The Council has also approved changes to some agricultural standards and called for a review of the Common Agricultural Policy. Additionally, it has welcomed the Commission's recent decisions, including a partial exemption from fallow land rules and the withdrawal of a proposal for a regulation on sustainable pesticide use.
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In the context of farmers' protests and based on information from the Belgian Presidency and an unofficial document on simplification, prepared by the European Commission, Agriculture Ministers discussed the current crisis and challenges in the sector. The Council agreed on a set of concrete measures that should be a priority for the short-term response to the current crisis and offered political guidance for the future and a structural approach in the medium and long term. Priorities for simplification measures will reduce the administrative burden for farmers and provide them with the flexibility they need. They will also improve the position of farmers in the food supply chain, while ensuring compliance with environmental sustainability commitments. During its meeting, the Council welcomed recent decisions announced by the Commission, such as: partial exemption from rules on fallow land, the so-called Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions Standard 8 (BCAM 8), the ...
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