Global: Rising temperatures cause concern in Russia

Published May 30, 2024

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The article highlights concerns about the impact of climatic conditions on agricultural areas around the Black Sea, Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe, the US, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. Russia and Ukraine are experiencing increased temperatures and water deficits, despite upcoming predicted rainfall. Western Europe is preparing for increased rainfall, which could lead to disease risks in winter wheat and corn development issues. The US Midwest also faces potential disease risks from heavy early June rains. In contrast, Canada's improved sowing conditions are due to rain, though excess humidity persists in Manitoba. Brazil's corn producers are worried about the lack of rain, with no short-term forecast improvement. Australia's wheat and canola plantings are delayed due to rainfall deficits, but positive weather outlooks are on the horizon.
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Climatic conditions in the Black Sea continue to give rise to many concerns. A large part of Russia and Ukraine is indeed experiencing a significant rise in temperatures, which risks further aggravating the water deficits of crops in both countries. The latest weather maps, however, predict more generous rainfall, both in Ukraine and in southern Russia. In Western Europe, on the other hand, forecasts remain worrying. The rains are likely to intensify again over a large eastern half of France, as well as in Germany and the United Kingdom, where excess water is still critical. Also in the United States, the Corn Belt and the Great Plains of the Midwest are also likely to still receive very high accumulations in early June. These showers could in particular increase the risk of disease on winter wheat and degrade the development of corn crops. In Canada, on the other hand, the rains led to an improvement in sowing conditions. A notable excess of humidity ...
Source: TerreNet
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