Roskoshestvo recognized curd cheeses on Russian shelves as safe

Curd Cheese
Published Sep 1, 2023

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A study conducted by Roskachestvo, a Russian consumer watchdog, has found that curd cheeses on Russian shelves are safe for consumers. Five brands, including Thousand Lakes, Vkusvill, Hochland, Almette, and President, can apply for the Russian quality mark. The study tested the products for contaminants such as mycotoxins, pesticides, and antibiotics, and found no deviations. While some brands had increased levels of phosphates and undeclared preservatives, the concentrations did not pose harm to consumers, but should be reflected on the product label.
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Roskachestvo has recognized curd cheeses on Russian shelves as safe for consumers, while five brands can claim the Russian quality mark. This is stated in the study of Roskachestvo, the results of which were reviewed by TASS. According to the study, five trademarks can apply for the Russian quality mark - "Thousand Lakes", "Vkusvill", Hochland, Almette, President. Roskachestvo in the course of the study tested products for the content of mycotoxins, pesticides and antibiotics. No deviations in these parameters were found in any of the samples. No toxic melamine was found, with which the manufacturer could replace milk protein. No violations were found in the content of milk fat, the mass fraction of milk protein and the presence of phytosterols. This suggests that for the curd cheese, which was investigated by Roskachestvo, natural dairy raw materials were used. In the products of two brands, an increased content of phosphates was found. "In a small concentration, they can be ...
Source: Milknews
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