Russian farmers harvested 88.6 million tons of wheat by September 29

Updated Oct 1, 2023
Farmers of the Russian Federation threshed 88.6 million tons of wheat by September 29, which is 13.2 million tons less than on the same date last year (101.8 million tons), according to operational information from regional agricultural management bodies, which was reviewed by Interfax ". Wheat was threshed on 25.9 million hectares (in 2022 - 28.2 million hectares), its yield was 34.1 c/ha (36.1 c/ha). Barley was harvested from 7.3 million hectares (7.8 million hectares), 20.9 million tons (23.9 million tons) were threshed, with a yield of 28.7 c/ha (30.7 c/ha). Corn for grain was threshed from 491.1 thousand hectares (333.5 thousand hectares), 2.8 million tons (1.9 thousand tons) were collected, the yield was 57.8 c/ha (57.9 c/ha ). The total grain harvest reached 125.3 million tons compared to 141.1 million tons a year earlier. Cereals and leguminous crops were threshed on 39.7 million hectares (42.4 million hectares), the yield was 31.6 c/ha (33.3 c/ha). Sugar beets were dug ...
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