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Published Apr 15, 2024

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Agricultural enterprises across various Russian regions are gearing up for the spring sowing season, with extensive preparations underway from the Kuban to the Orenburg region. Activities include sowing a diverse range of crops such as barley, peas, lentils, wheat, sugar beets, and sunflowers, with plans to expand cultivated areas and a shift towards using domestic seed varieties. Despite challenges like potential floods in some areas, regions are mobilizing resources including seeds, fertilizers, fuel, and equipment, with significant state support and readiness in terms of machinery. The campaign, set to cover millions of hectares across regions like Vologda, Leningrad, Chelyabinsk, and others, highlights the agricultural sector's vital role and the extensive efforts to ensure a successful sowing season.
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Agricultural enterprises in Russian regions continue to participate in the sowing campaign. Sunflowers have begun to be sown in the Kuban region, farmers in the Orenburg region are preparing to go out into the fields in flood conditions, and in the Chelyabinsk region the start of sowing is scheduled for April 20. Sowing began in the Ryazan region. The total area this season will be 1.13 million hectares; by April 11, the first 400 hectares of spring crops have been sown: barley, peas, lentils. In the Tambov region they plan to increase the cultivated area by 14 thousand hectares - up to 1.9 million hectares in 2024. 1.08 thousand hectares are allocated for grain and leguminous crops. “I would like to note that the share of domestic seeds increases every year. Today, Russian varieties account for almost 90% of grain crops,” said the region’s Minister of Agriculture Alena Sytova. Farmers of the Belgorod region have also already gone out into the fields. More than 890 hectares will ...
Source: Oilworld
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