Saudi Arabia and Brazil, 5 decades of mutual understanding

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Published Nov 29, 2023

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Representatives of over 40 Brazilian companies attended the Saudi-Brazilian Investment Forum in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on strengthening investment partnerships in the agriculture, animal, and food industries. The trade balance between the two countries favors Saudi Arabia, with exports totaling $4.456 billion, including non-oil exports of $1.14 billion, and imports totaling $3.62 billion. Both Saudi Arabia and Brazil share the same stance on the Israeli military escalation in Gaza, calling for an immediate ceasefire, protection of civilians, and adherence to international humanitarian law.
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40 Brazilian companies at the Investment Forum Representatives of more than 40 Brazilian companies participated in the Saudi-Brazilian Investment Forum, which was held in the Kingdom (2022 AD), and were keen to strengthen their investment partnership in the agricultural, animal and food industries sectors. This was evident in the investment of the Saudi (SALIC) company in The Brazilian “BRF” company, and the trade balance between the two countries tends in favor of the Kingdom by 830 million dollars, as it exports to Brazil a value of 4.456 billion dollars, of which 1.14 billion are non-oil exports, while it imports from Brazil a value of 3.62 billion dollars. The list of the most important includes Saudi goods exported to Brazil are mineral products, fertilisers, plastics and their products, aluminum and its products, and organic chemical products, while meat, grains, sugar and sugar products, seeds and oleaginous fruits, straw and fodder, and animal food are the most important ...
Source: Okaz
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