The Poles buy Russian agricultural products

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Published Mar 4, 2024

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Despite the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Russia continues to trade agricultural products with Poland through Belarus, as observed by a journalist from Ukrainska Pravda. The journalist noted a significant increase in the transport of Russian agricultural goods, particularly rapeseed meal, to Poland via Belarus following Poland's ban on Ukrainian rapeseed meal imports in September 2023. The report clarified that this trade does not violate any EU sanctions as there are no specific restrictions on agricultural products.
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The war with Ukraine and the tense political situation do not prevent the Russians from trading with the Poles in the agricultural field in the background. The Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on in our neighborhood for more than two years. The armed conflict is not only tragic because of the hundreds of thousands of human casualties, but we can also seriously feel its negative effects on the European economy. One of the strange phenomena of the "strange" war was pointed out by Mihajlo Tkacs, a staff member of the news portal Ukrainska Pravda, who visited the Polish-Belarusian border this week. According to the journalist, thousands of trucks transport Russian agricultural products through Belarus to Poland, which is at least strange in light of the Russian-Polish political tension. The journalist and his cameraman were detained by the Polish police during their work and the Polish secret service interrogated them for several hours. In the meantime, they confiscated their ...
Source: AgroForum
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