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Ukrainian scientists have introduced a new variety of potato

Вчені представили новий сорт картоплі
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Nov 23, 2021
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Potato Day 2021 will be long remembered by potato growers around the world. There were plenty of sensations - during the event, hybrid potatoes were presented, which can be grown from botanical seeds. Why is the topic of hybrid potatoes at the peak of popularity? Igor Chechitko, director of the HZPC representative office in Ukraine, spoke about this in an exclusive interview, reports. HZPC recently created a potato hybrid that can be grown from botanical seeds and presented it at Potato Day 2021.
What is special about such potatoes? How was the new hybrid perceived in Europe and how promising is it for Ukraine? - First of all, it should be noted that research on the creation of potato varieties from botanical seeds (the common name true seed potato (TSP), in the world began in the 70s of the twentieth century. Why can it be interesting? Imagine one hectare, you can sow only a few hundred grams of seeds. Savings? So of course! Let's move on. Logistics. Even to plant 10 hectares, you need to deliver to the field about 30 tons of seed potatoes. And botanical seeds, this area can be brought literally " In the pocket. "Next - planting speed. To ensure proper uniformity of plants, the working speed of the unit in traditional planting is five to six kilometers per hour. Coated seeds of small-seeded crops are sown at least twice as fast. that most potato diseases are simply not transmitted through botanical seeds, ie it is much easier to maintain the phytosanitary purity of seed ...
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