Seed breeding: Addressing shortages and global challenges in Russian agriculture

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Published Jan 23, 2024

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The RUSEED think tank highlights the crucial role of seed production and breeding in global agriculture development and overcoming future challenges such as population growth, reduction of arable land, water stress, and climate change. The report notes the concentration of seed production in the USA, China, and the EU, with Russia's increasing dependency on foreign seeds due to a lack of competitive domestic varieties. It also discusses the global trend of seed and agrochemical activities integration, emphasizing the need for market regulation and the development of new plant varieties. The report points out the lengthy process of creating new varieties, particularly in Russia, which can hinder agricultural progress and threaten food security.
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The RUSEED think tank presented a report on the importance of breeding for the development of agriculture in the world and overcoming the challenges that the industry faces in the coming decades. In light of the latest trends in the world economy, accelerated development of all sectors, and especially the agricultural sector, is required, since its condition directly affects the food security of countries. Achieving updated production capacity in the agro-industrial complex is impossible without adequate development of selection and seed production. High-quality seeds guarantee a high yield of major crops and help avoid a food crisis in the world. Today, the main world seed production capacity is concentrated in the USA, China and the countries of the European Union. France emerges as the global leader in seed exports, according to SEMAE. This provision emphasizes the importance of breeding and seed production in ensuring food security in leading agricultural countries. In Russia, ...
Source: Agroxxi
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