South Korea: Sejong City supports school meals worth 22.7 billion won this year

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Published Apr 22, 2024

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Sejong City has unveiled a comprehensive plan to enhance the quality of school meals by investing 22.7 billion won to supply all 104 schools in the region with high-quality local produce, including 28 tons of watermelons and 71 tons of various fruits amidst rising fruit prices, as well as Korean beef and 21 other agricultural products valued at 4.5 billion won. This initiative, starting next month, aims to support local farmers by ensuring their produce is utilized in school meals, while providing students with nutritious options. Mayor Choi Min-ho emphasized the dual benefits of this project, aiding both the agricultural sector and the educational system by ensuring a steady supply of fresh, local ingredients for school meals.
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(Sejong = Yonhap News) Reporter Eunpa Lee = Sejong City announced on the 22nd that it will provide school meal ingredients worth 22.7 billion won to all 104 schools in the region this year. In particular, the city plans to supply 28 tons of watermelons from Sejong for school meals completely free of charge starting next month in accordance with the additional in-kind support project from Sejong produced last year. From October to December, 71 tons (700 million won) of fruits from Sejong, including pears, grapes, apples, and strawberries, will be provided. Due to the recent surge in fruit prices, fruit is disappearing from school meals across the country, but the city expects that satisfaction with this school meal support project will be high as the supply of fruit is maintained in Sejong. Just as we supplied 12 tons of Korean beef from Sejong to all local schools last year for the first time in the country, we will also supply Korean beef for school meals this year. 21 ...
Source: Yna
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