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Sensitive outdoor production areas in Bulgaria in 2021: Many are moving towards closure

Чувствителните площи на открито 2021: Много вървят към закриване
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Dec 27, 2021
From Agri
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The problems of open-air production in sensitive sectors have become a conundrum. And in 2021 there was no significant change. "Ultimately, we are again wondering why we do not have Bulgarian fruits and vegetables on the market and why the import of such products predominates," Mariana Miltenova, chairwoman of the National Union of Gardeners in Bulgaria (NSGB), told Agri.BG. The year began with challenges for growers - frost, shelter, double seedlings, floods. These factors slowed down and compromised the production of basic fruits and vegetables in our country. Official statistics for August found that the decline in the open harvest ranged from 4.3% to 54% below the reported 5 years earlier, and at the end of the year the Center for Economic Research in Agriculture said that in all three main crops - tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, negative trends are reported. "Tomato production is declining, no one wants to grow this crop in such conditions. More profitable, at least so far, ...
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