Shanghai Baihe strawberry targets the Middle East market, first batch of samples tested in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong
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Published Apr 10, 2024

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The 'Baihe Strawberry' from Qingpu District in Shanghai has embarked on its first export journey in 41 years, aiming for the Middle East market to address the issue of local market saturation. This significant step was initiated by Shanghai Shumei Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., which manages a 400-acre farm in Qingpu, focusing on strawberry cultivation among other crops. The region, known for producing over 10,000 tons of strawberries annually from a 6,300-acre core planting area, has seen a strategic shift towards this high economic value crop. The move to tap into overseas markets is driven by the need to mitigate challenges such as unpredictable weather conditions and the pressure from large buyers demanding lower prices. The first trial shipment of 36 boxes, totaling 15 kilograms, was sent to Hong Kong at the end of March.
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"Baihe Strawberry" is a geographical indication agricultural product in Qingpu District, Shanghai. In order to get rid of the current situation of market involution, it has set its sights on the Middle East market. At the end of March, the first batch of 36 boxes of samples weighing 15 kilograms were airlifted to Hong Kong for trial, completing the first export of strawberries in Qingpu District since 41 years of strawberry planting. It is reported that the first batch of exported strawberries came from Shanghai Shumei Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. The company has a 400-acre base in Qingpu District, which rotates to plant strawberries, fruit corn, tomatoes, etc., among which strawberries are the main products. Due to the high economic value of strawberries, the per-acre output value is mostly above 50,000 yuan. Many farmers in Baihe Town, Qingpu District, have switched to planting strawberries. The local core planting area has reached 6,300 acres, with an output of more than 10,000 ...
Source: Guojiguoshu
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