Sharp drop in the size of Peruvian avocados is causing economic losses

Published May 17, 2024

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Peruvian avocado production is facing economic losses due to a significant drop in fruit size, with up to 70% of produce being small and valueless. This issue is prevalent in both northern and southern Peru, leading farmers to only harvest large avocados and leave the small ones on the tree. The climate, specifically excess radiation, is the main factor causing this issue and has resulted in up to 50% less fruit compared to the previous season. This explains the high prices for large avocados in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
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( For a few weeks there has been a significant drop in the size of the Peruvian avocado, which is causing economic losses. Elizabeth Miranda, production advisor at Vivero Los Viñedos, explains that “this season the calibers that have predominated, especially in the north, have been 26, 28 and 30, 60% to 70%, which are small calibers that have no value. commercial (band price $0.40)”. It is not a situation exclusive to northern Peru, he warns, since in the south producers face the same problem, although in a lower percentage. This has led, he says, to many farmers only harvesting the large avocado and leaving the small one on the tree, trying to hold it out until July or August when prices improve and the fruit gains a little more weight. “With the drop in size, yields also dropped, I would say up to 50% less fruit compared to last season. That is why prices in the United States, Europe and Asia remain high, but only for large fruit, which is what the consumer demands,” ...
Source: Agraria
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