Shipment volume since April: 6,000 tons in South Korea

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Published Apr 15, 2024

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The 'April Fruit Observation' report by the Korea Rural Economic Institute reveals a significant decline in South Korea's apple and pear production, forecasting a 23.4% decrease in apple shipments to 79,000 tons and an 83.8% drop in pear shipments. This downturn is attributed to a 30.3% reduction in apple production and a 26.8% fall in pear production from the previous year, influenced by aging orchards, rising labor costs, and a reduction in mature tree areas. Weather conditions and pests have also notably impacted pear production, indicating a challenging period ahead for South Korea's fruit supply.
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As of April, the amount of apples produced last year stored was 79,000 tons. The ship was estimated to weigh only 6,000 tons. According to the ‘April Fruit Observation’ recently released by the Korea Rural Economic Institute, apple shipments after April are expected to decrease by 23.4% from the previous year to 79,000 tons. It is 19.2% less than the average year. This is the result of a decrease in storage volume due to a sharp decline in apple production last year. According to Statistics Korea, last year's apple production was 394,400 tons. It decreased by 30.3% compared to the previous year (566,000 tons) and 19.7% compared to the average year (491,100 tons). Dark clouds also loomed over this year's apple production. The apple cultivation area was similar to the previous year, but the area of mature trees was found to have decreased by 2.5% nationwide. The Korea Agricultural Research Institute cited aging and rising labor costs as factors. It is expected that pear supply and ...
Source: Nongmin
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