Small Chilean farmers want to sell their artisanal wines to China

Published May 27, 2024

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Pedro Guerra Huechante, a Mapuche cherry producer and president of the National Federation of Peasant Family Fruit Growing, is looking to establish direct relations with Chinese importers to cut down on middleman costs. Chile, a major supplier of fresh fruit to China, especially cherries, is exploring ways to connect small producers with Chinese markets. The 24th ExpoMundoRural is providing a platform for these growers to showcase their products. Meanwhile, wine producers like Joel Neira Fuentealba and the Ramírez Ibarba sisters are resuming exports to China, seeking to reconnect and expand their business. The sisters, who produce pisco and wine, are particularly interested in the environmental aspect of their production and are inspired by a Chinese sommelier who appreciated their wines.
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Pedro Guerra Huechante is a cherry producer from the southern region of Los Ríos and president of the National Federation of Peasant Family Fruit Growing, a trade association of 4,000 members that promotes the development of peasant and indigenous families of the southern country. The leader, of Mapuche origin, sells his beer production every season to a large Chilean fruit company that exports to China, but he would like to establish a direct relationship with Chinese importers. “We sell to exporters who sell to China and now we want to go directly to them. It costs, but we want to get there through cooperatives,” Guerra Huechante told Xinhua. It is the main supplier of fresh fruit to the Asian giant. Chile has risen in recent years to be the main supplier of fresh fruit from a temperate climate to China, with special participation of the Chilean cherry, with more than 90 percent of the production directed to the Asian country, according to figures from the Frutas de Chile union ...
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