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USA: Soaring egg prices

Updated Mar 22, 2023
This edition of Poultry World looks closely at the factors behind the soaring egg prices in the US as well as the impact of the avian influenza outbreaks
in the country. Then, the importance of pinpointing the root cause of hen mortality, insights into biomarkers and machine learning and the reason why some lessons are best not learnt. Also, why is Rabobank counting on China to import less soya? The price of a dozen eggs in the US reached US$3.59 in November 2022, compared to US$1.72 a year prior. Why were prices so high? Poultry World investigates. Some 306 avian influenza outbreaks hit the US in 2022 and resulted in the loss of more than 57 million birds, mostly laying hens and turkeys. The 188 outbreaks in the first 6 months of 2022 were triggered by infected migratory birds using the Atlantic and Mississippi routes, while the 118 outbreaks in the second 6 months were triggered by migratory birds using the Pacific and Rocky Mountain routes, as well as the Mississippi route. This article goes into detail, and also considers the impact on production and retail prices. The South African Poultry Association has invested almost US$80 ...
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