Son La coffee has a good crop in Vietnam, prices are unprecedentedly high

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Published Feb 26, 2024

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Coffee farmers in Son La province, Vietnam, have had a profitable year in 2023 - 2024, with prices nearly doubling from the previous year due to the selection of suitable hills for cultivation, the use of synthetic fertilizers, and unique weather conditions. The province, which has nearly 21,000 hectares of coffee grown and an output of 34,345 tons, has also established models linking coffee production and processing. Son La coffee, protected for geographical indications since 2017, has a mild sour taste that is highly valued in European exports.
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Mr. Lo Van Khanh in Lam village, Chieng Chung commune, Mai Son district (Son La) said that he has been growing coffee since 2008 but has never seen a good crop and good price like the recent 2023 - 2024 crop year. At the beginning of the season, selling 10,000 - 11,000 VND/kg of coffee at the garden, Mr. Khanh was very happy because the price was 2,000 - 3,000 VND/kg higher than the previous season. Unexpectedly, coffee prices continued to increase steadily, by the end of the harvest season (January 30, 2024) peaking at 15,000 VND/kg fresh, nearly 2 times higher than the 2022 - 2023 crop year. In the last crop, Mr. Khanh also had 1 hectare of coffee and harvested nearly 20 tons of fruit, selling 230 million VND, 7 tons higher than the previous year's coffee crop in terms of productivity and 70,000 million VND in output value. Thanks to that, he had enough money to go to Chieng Noi commune, 50km from home, to rent a hill to grow 2 more hectares of coffee. According to Mr. Khanh, ...
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