Southeast Asia offers an important outlet for Moroccan blueberries

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Published Jan 19, 2024

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Morocco has become a major supplier of fresh blueberries in Southeast Asia, with a significant increase in exports to the region in 2023. The peak season for blueberry exports from Morocco to Southeast Asia is from December to February, and experts predict strong results for the year 2023. Other countries, such as Australia, Zimbabwe, and China, have also seen substantial growth in their market shares in the Southeast Asia blueberry market.
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Morocco is establishing itself in the growing blueberry market in Southeast Asia. The dynamic is underway. In 2023, Morocco strengthened its position as the main supplier of fresh blueberries in Southeast Asia, recording impressive results. Moroccan exporters have not only surpassed their own shipping records to this region, but have also expanded their footprint by attracting new importing countries. During the first eleven months of 2023, Morocco shipped no less than 1.4 thousand tons of fresh blueberries to Southeast Asia, excluding Vietnam. This performance represents a staggering increase of around 50% compared to the entire previous year. With the peak season for blueberry exports from Morocco to this region generally extending from December to February, experts predict an even more remarkable end result for the year 2023. Flagship destinations for Moroccan blueberries in the region include Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, which jointly absorbed around 96% of Morocco's ...
Source: Agrimaroc
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