Russia: Soyuzmoloko highly appreciates the chances of promoting milk in Nigeria

Published Apr 16, 2024

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Maria Zhebit of Soyuzmoloko highlights the potential for Russian milk and dairy product exporters to enter the Nigerian market, leveraging the challenges faced by New Zealand and EU competitors due to their green agendas. The recent lifting of restrictions on using foreign currency for dairy imports in Nigeria further boosts this opportunity. However, the growth of Russian dairy imports may be hindered by Nigeria's low purchasing power and the difficulty in obtaining foreign currency, despite the favorable market opening.
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Russian exporters of milk and dairy products have a very high chance of finding their niche in the Nigerian market. This was stated by Deputy General Director of the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko) Maria Zhebit, referred to by the Telegram channel of the Federal Center for the Development of Exports of Agricultural Products (Agroexport, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture). She named several prerequisites for this. First of all, dairy companies from New Zealand and EU countries are now actively represented there. However, due to the “green agenda”, they are unlikely to be able to supply their products there soon, at least in large quantities. Let us recall that the authorities of these countries, in order to reduce harmful emissions (the main source of which they consider livestock farming), are calling on farmers to close meat and dairy farms and reorient themselves to other types of activities. In order to protect nature, the authorities impose certain ...
Source: Rosng
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