Spain is the king of lemon in the world

Updated Oct 10, 2021
Everyone knows the world leadership enjoyed by a product as Spanish as olive oil, one of the mainstays of the agri-food sector and the pride of provinces such as Jaén. However, another area in which we are strong is recognized by the public: lemon. Here Spain is also king: world leader in fresh exports, the first producer in Europe - 7 out of 10 lemons consumed among our European neighbors is 'made in Spain' - and second in the ranking of processing countries after Argentina ( juice, essential oils and dehydrated peel, the latter two of special interest for cosmetics). All of this is already exported by 85 countries around the world - above all, from the European Union and the United Kingdom - despite strong competition from third countries such as South Africa. The sector has an annual turnover of around 700 million euros and generates 20,000 direct jobs. For their part, auxiliary industries earn 250 million each year. The country has an authentic 'forest' formed by more than 12 ...
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