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Spain, third world almond producer

España, tercera productora mundial de almendra
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Nov 29, 2021
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Spain is the third world producer of non-organic almonds after the US and Australia, while, in the case of organic almonds, Spain is the world's leading power. There are numerous limitations that prevent the organic almond tree from flourishing in the two main world almond producers, highlighting the use of a continuous harvesting system that throws the fruit to the ground, where on many occasions there are fungal and aflatoxin problems that force its fumigation, the implantation of soft-shelled varieties, pests such as Anarsia and the high yields that can reach 4,500 kilograms of grain per hectare.
Organic production in both countries does not exceed 1% of their total almond production and the forecasts made by experts in the sector do not point to an increase in the area of organic almonds. The total ecological area has increased by 12% compared to 2019. Granada is the province that has grown the most (5,133 hectares), followed by Almería (1,694 hectares). The ...
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