Spain will increase its cereal harvest by 93.6% annually in 2024, according to cooperatives

Published May 29, 2024

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Spain's cereal production is projected to surge by 93.6% in 2024, compared to the previous drought-stricken year, and by 15.6% compared to the five-year average, as per Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias. The country's cereal cultivation area spans 5.45 million hectares, and the expected yield is 3.69 tons per hectare, which is 11% higher than the five-year average. The crops consist of 6.3 million tons of soft wheat, 7.7 million tons of barley, 3.6 million tons of corn, among others. This increase is attributed to normal temperatures and a 6% increase in rainfall from October to May 21, compared to the normal for that period.
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Spain will produce 20.09 million tons of cereals in the 2024 campaign, which represents a growth of 93.6% compared to the last one - reduced by drought - and 15.6% compared to the average of the last five years , according to the forecasts of Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias. The first estimates of the cooperatives, released this Tuesday, suggest that the campaign will be good and even more so taking into account the 2023 season, considered catastrophic for the Spanish agricultural sector. The crop area of cereals in Spain amounts to 5.45 million hectares, according to the figure from the cooperatives, based on data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Yields will be 3.69 tons per hectare in 2024, 11% higher to the five-year average and slightly below the five-year average without 2023 (considered exceptional). The soft wheat harvest will amount to 6.3 million tons, the barley crop 7.7 million tons, the corn crop 3 .6 million tons, of durum wheat, 900,000 tons, of ...
Source: Agrodiario
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