Spain will lead European exports of durum wheat in 2024, with 550,000 tons

Durum Wheat
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Published Apr 13, 2024

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In 2024, Spanish durum wheat producers are anticipated to harvest over 550,000 tons, making Spain the top European exporter, with Tunisia and Italy as the primary markets. This surge in production is largely due to the exceptional weather conditions in Andalusia, which is responsible for 80% of the nation's durum wheat output. After enduring two years of drought, the region has benefited from a mix of rain and heat, enabling an early start to harvesting around May 20. Andalusia's significant contribution, especially from the provinces of Córdoba, Huelva, Cádiz, and Seville, was underscored by Luigi Vascello of Northstar Brokerage at the Andalusian Commodity Exchange in Seville, highlighting the region's pivotal role in boosting Spain's production and export capacity.
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Spanish producers of durum wheat will produce more than 550,000 tons of this product in 2024, which makes Spain the European export leader, with destinations above all to Tunisia and Italy, the main buyers of durum wheat from Spanish fields. Thus It was explained by Luigi Vascello, founding partner of Northstar Brokerage, raw materials agents that participates in Seville in the Andalusian Commodity Exchange, a congress of merchants, industrialists, multinationals and intermediaries dedicated to the trade and consumption of agricultural products and feed, cereals, flour. proteins and vegetable oils. Vascello has stressed that the Spanish fields have faced “a spectacular climatic condition” this year, which has meant that they can be “right now the export leaders of durum wheat”, since “the rain and the heat have come together this year, and something spectacular has been achieved.”Of the entire national territory, Andalusia is the main Spanish producer of durum wheat, with 80% of ...
Source: Agrodiario
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