Spanish agricultural land is saved from the UCI but suffers appreciable degradation

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Published Dec 5, 2023

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Spain's agricultural land has "appreciable" degradation issues, but it is not in a critical condition. Many areas suffer from erosion and degradation, but experts believe that these processes can still be reversed. While Spain lacks a public agency dedicated to soil conservation, efforts are being made through the Common Agricultural Policy to incentivize farmers to implement conservation agriculture practices.
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Spain has a large surface area of agricultural land with “appreciable” but not extreme degradation problems and, for the moment, it is saved from entering the ICU, the sustainable agriculture expert José Alfonso Gómez has illustrated on the occasion of the celebration this Tuesday of the World Day ground. The Spanish soil reaches this day with a “regular” health, emphasizes Gómez, who works as a researcher at the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture of the Higher Scientific Research Council (CSIC), and who values, above all, that many areas suffer degradation processes. that can still be reversed. "We are aware that there are many areas of agricultural land that have some type of degradation, some type of erosion above what would be desirable and there are several areas that suffer medium-high degradation processes, but the reality is that in many of those areas we are in a position to reverse it,” he explained. The expert has explained that many of these eroded areas have little ...
Source: PEefeagro
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