Spanish melon and watermelon producers celebrate the recovery of normality in the field and the reactivation of consumption in August

Fresh Watermelon
Fresh Melon (Muskmelon)
Published Aug 3, 2023

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The regions of Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha are experiencing good melon and watermelon productions in the month of August, with high sweetness and texture. This comes as a relief after inclement weather in July destroyed over half of the expected productions, causing economic losses and shortages in the markets. The farmers in these regions have shown extreme care and attention, resulting in excellent quality fruits that are being well-received by customers.
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But there is no harm that one hundred days lasts and, as they had already announced, the month of August presents a totally different productive situation. This is confirmed by José Cánovas, president of Melón-Sandía at Proexport and commercial director of Fruca Marketing: "In August we are finally seeing a normalization of the volumes collected in the field and a better adjustment to the quantities programmed with national and international clients. Supermarkets, importers and wholesalers have been very concerned with the evolution of the campaign, but our forecasts have come true and the plantations, both in Murcia and La Mancha, are now responding to the extreme care and attention shown by the farmers". Asked by the organoleptic characteristics of the fruits, Cánovas replies that "the production as a whole is highly professionalized and aware of cutting the fruits at the optimum moment of ripeness and in the most demanded calibres. We are positive because up to now and for the ...
Source: Agronoticias
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