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Spanish nuts can sweep Europe, this is how it can flood shops

Letarolhatja Európát a spanyol dió: így áraszthatja el a boltokat
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Dec 13, 2021
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The area of walnut orchards in Spain has started to grow significantly in recent years: while in 2005 only 7,700 hectares were registered, in 2020 about 14,000 hectares were registered, writes the FruitVeB Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organization and Product Council. And this trend continues, according to Francisco Caballero, president of the Nueces de España. Founded in 2017, this association is dedicated to strengthening the production and marketing of Spanish walnuts in both domestic and international markets.
The Fepex Nuts and Pecans Sector Committee has already forecast a 30% increase in yields this year due to the entry of new plantations, albeit from a particularly low base due to the unfavorable weather in 2020. For the time being, there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding sales, as even last year's crop left plenty of transit stocks due to logistical difficulties due to COVID-19. Caballero sees further difficulties in international markets due to the fact that Spanish walnuts will certainly not be able to compete on price with traditional large producing countries (USA and Chile), but it can give hope that a significant proportion of Spanish walnuts will be sold as organic (biodio). It is precisely the emphasis on the ...
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