Strengthening the storage function of wholesale of market agricultural products in South Korea

Published May 27, 2024

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Japan is taking steps to ensure food security by introducing legislation to regulate the amount of food consumed and limit the items grown domestically in case of halts in agricultural imports. The bill, part of an amendment to the 'Basic Act on Food, Agriculture, and Rural Areas', aims to maintain a stable food supply by restricting the cultivation of low-calorie or popular agricultural products and setting recommended dietary standards. Experts at a seminar in Seoul discussed the implications of this move for Korea, which has a lower food self-sufficiency rate than Japan, and emphasized the need to expand the role of the wholesale market and improve supply chain efficiency. They also underscored the importance of strengthening the function of wholesale markets in stabilizing agricultural product prices and suggested that transaction brokerage should not be the sole focus.
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It has been confirmed that Japan is preparing legislation to limit the items grown domestically and regulate the amount of food consumed by its citizens, assuming that food imports are halted. It is pointed out that this has significant implications for Korea, which is experiencing similar situations such as aging rural areas and declining food self-sufficiency. The Korean Food Distribution Society held the ‘Korea, China, and Japan Wholesale Distribution Policy Seminar’ at the aT Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 23rd. This is to discuss the desirable direction and areas for improvement in wholesale distribution as the high price phenomenon continues due to the recent instability in the supply and demand of agricultural products. At this event, Masashi Hosokawa, director of the Japan Wholesale Market Policy Research Institute, said in a presentation on the topic, “On May 8, the Japanese House of Representatives began deliberation on the ‘Food Production Expansion and Supply ...
Source: Nongmin
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