Morocco: Strong measures to regulate watermelon production in Zagora

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Published Nov 18, 2023

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Morocco is implementing strict regulations on watermelon production in Zagora to address the country's water shortage crisis. The government has imposed severe restrictions on watermelon cultivation in a bid to conserve scarce water resources, with a maximum area of one hectare authorized for production. This measure is part of a series of actions taken by the Moroccan government to combat the water crisis, including the removal of irrigation subsidies for water-intensive crops.
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Morocco's water shortage crisis is reaching a new peak as the government steps up efforts to regulate the production of watermelons, a water-intensive crop. The province of Zagora, a key player in the production of this juicy delicacy, is seeing severe restrictions imposed in a bid to ration increasingly scarce water. The decision was announced during a meeting at the administration headquarters on October 18, 2023, specifies moroccoworldnews, where the governor of Zagora declared that a maximum area of one hectare would now be authorized for the cultivation of watermelons. This measure aims to curb water demand, particularly in areas close to drinking water pumping fields defined by local committees, encompassing the banks of the Draa River and oases, as well as river beds. To ensure the implementation of this crucial decision, local committees were set up to carefully monitor the amount of water used for irrigation, while having the power to apply legal measures against those ...
Source: Agrimaroc
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