Sunflower prices began to decline in Ukraine

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Published Dec 11, 2023

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In Ukraine, sunflower prices on the domestic market have decreased to between 310 and 335 dollars per ton, attributed to sluggish demand among local processors and falling world prices for sunflower oil. In Russia, sunflower prices also correspond to seasonal trends due to sufficient reserves of raw materials and products. Additionally, the cost of local sunflower oil has fallen, with delivery to Turkey at 860-890 dollars and to Bulgaria at $840-850, presenting marketing prospects for Ukrainian agricultural producers.
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The organization cited sluggish demand for it among local processors and the fall in world prices for sunflower oil as the reason for the reduction in prices for the crop. Sunflower prices in Russia correspond to seasonal trends - Lozova Both of these factors can be explained by sufficient reserves of raw materials and products made from them within the country itself and on the world market, respectively. This situation is also reflected in the cost of local sunflower oil. In particular, it has fallen in price since last month from 910-930 to 860-890 dollars with delivery to Turkey on CIF terms. Also, quotes for the product on DAP terms (delievered at place or delivery to destination) in the direction of Bulgaria decreased to $840-850. In addition, data on the cost of culture in the latter country is provided. There it is trading at the level of 420-440 dollars (13,557.96 - 16,299.17 hryvnia or 38,880 - 40,730 rubles, respectively). ...
Source: Rosng
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